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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Feel Great!! I Can Conquer the World!! Wait, Can I Do It Tomorrow?

I hate MS. I loathe it. Give this calm, peace loving gal a chance in a gym with MS in a punching bag and I would beat the shit out of it. Or at least I would try. I'd get a few good jabs in there before I got tired.

I have the best intentions in the world. But you know what they say about good intentions....

I feel like every day I make a promise to myself: tomorrow I'm gonna work out and blog. Or, tomorrow I'm gonna clean the house and maybe clean out that closet. Maybe even the ambitious: tomorrow I'm going to actually go visit friends in the "real world" rather than post something on their Facebook page letting them know that I am in fact still alive and really do love them and care about them. Then "tomorrow" comes. I end up watching my Netflix movie and I'm lucky if I paint my toenails.

I shouldn't bitch. I'm feeling really good. I just hate being so damn tired.

Okay, enough bellyaching. What have I been up to, you ask? You are all so kind! I've been busy working. It's going really well. It's hard, at times, to get my butt up and get in, but I'm lucky that I only work part time and they are really good with letting me call out if I'm not feeling well.

Like last week. I got my flu shot and was expecting to get the flu. In true Allison fashion, I did something unexpected and got the cold from hell instead. A week of walking around with tissues stuck up my nose looking like some freaky tissue walrus. My nose is just now healing from the peeling that it did. Eek.

Before that, I had gotten my hair cut. I love it. It's sooo nice to not spend half an hour under a hot blow-dryer every morning drying my thick hair (no bueno for people with no heat tolerance, ya know?). One co-worker said I looked like Kate Gosselin, but all my other co-workers, as well as my family and friends, assured me that I do not. I think she might have thought she was complimenting me in her own strange way. She is a strange one. I have posted a pic so you can decide for yourself. Strangely enough, when did I get hit on? Not when my hair was long and all done. Not when it's short and done, but the other day when it was 97*, AGAIN, and I had my hair wet and down, looking a mess, old clothes and Converse, walking from my car to the store. Some strange man yelled "You are beautiful!", not once, but TWICE!! Apparently, that's what I have to do to get hit on? I should write a book. The way to get hit that you would NEVER believe. Seriously. Who would've thunk it?

Other than that, not much else is new. I have to go to the podiatrist to see what they can do about my plantar fasciitis. Don't get old, kids. It's not for wimps!

I have to decide what to dress Sid up as for Halloween. Yay for dressing up your poor loving doggy!! I will consider your suggestions, but ultimately buy whatever I think he'd look cutest in. I'm thinking along the lines of the Cowardly Lion.

I leave you with a beautiful picture/quote. Enjoy!!!


  1. Ali your hair looks great, I know what you mean about the heat from a hairdryer, I gave that up a long time ago. Great to hear your employer sounds very supportive to your situation, more are needed! However LESS is needed of being tired all the time! Let me know is you find a cure for that.

  2. I has the flu shot a few years ago
    My MS went spaz and I ended up in hospital for a week !!
    Never again ....
    The only injection I have is betaferon....
    Your hair is nice :-)

  3. hahahahahahaha--that quote, LOVE IT. Lord, grab me some Depends!! Your hair cut is cute too. But, hahahahahahaha

  4. I absolutely love the new look...your coworker must have thought of the wrong name. I love reading your blogs keep it up girl. I always have you in my mind, but mostly in my heart. Your friend always