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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Didn't Disappear... I Just Have MS

I know, I know... long time, no blog. I've just been busy with the holidays. And as anyone with MS will tell you, a little bit of stress to a normal healthy person, can shut us down completely. So, while I love my blog and have the best of intentions when it comes to keeping it updated, it is kinda the first thing to fall by the wayside when life gets busy.

I'm finally done with this semester of school. Hallelujah! I'm registered for the winter semester and finally got my last pre-req class.Thanksgiving and all the delicious food and wonderful family time has come and gone, and now Christmas looms on the horizon. I have a lot of crochet projects up my sleeve for Christmas gifts and that's taking up a lot of my time.

I also had my blood drawn and found out that my triglycerides are super high. Yep, bummer. My diet's not bad, but there goes my favorite fountain sodas. Oh wells. I also am trying to get my butt on the treadmill and elliptical machine in the apartment gym more often. Yoga doesn't get the heart pumping enough. I hate jogging and that damn, evil elliptical, but I'm trying my best! It can be hard with the MS since I'm not supposed to overheat. So, I have to get my heart pumping, but not too much. Make sense?

Otherwise, things are going really well. I wanted to do a Thanksgiving blog about what I'm thankful for, but instead my brother came down and visited and we played Super Mario Bros. Galaxy on the Wii and saw The Muppets. So good. So worth it. But here's what I'm thankful for:
My family and friends- they are awesome and so supportive
My pets
My Dr.'s and the office staff who help me all the time. Like, ALL the time
My health, as crappy as it can be, it could be worse
This blog, where I can vent my feelings and hopefully reach someone else who is going through the same thing
I'm thankful for many, many other things, but I'll stop there.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful December. It's the last month of 2011. Let's make it rock! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11... Make a Wish!

Happy 11/11/11. Oh, special day, huh? I missed the 11:11 a.m. wishing point, so now I have to try to make it to 11:11 p.m. Try being the operative word here. I don't know what is up with me, if it's the daylight savings time or what, but I have been lagging every day. I was joking earlier that my next blog was going to be called, "How I spent My Friday Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reruns on the Couch in my Snuggie". It's sadly only half a joke, because that's all I've had the energy to do lately.

I did get to the dermatologist's on Tuesday. I have Perleche. My lips keep cracking in the corner and no matter how much Carmex or Vaseline I put on them, they aren't healing. Apparently, I drool at night. I also grind my teeth. But the drool leads to the cracked lips. Oh yeah. I feel super hot today. Boys will be lining up for a drooling, teeth grinding, cracked lip, exhausted girlfriend. Yay! I got a medication for it, but I will not be going back to that dermatologist. I saw the PA (physician's assistant) who was a complete idiot. She had no idea what Multiple Sclerosis was or even how to spell it. Really? And she's a PA? Give me a break.

I did make it in to my PCP's office for the blood work I've been putting off. I was supposed to be completely fasting, but I cheated and added creamer to my coffee. I couldn't help it. I hate black coffee. Ugh, so gross.

Now I have to organize some recipes and my crochet and knit patterns. It's a poor Christmas, so people are getting cookies and crocheted or knitted ornaments. There's a bonanza of free patterns out there. So awesome. Also, I found free recipes for doggie treats! Yay for homemade doggie treats for the animals! So, I must go.

Don't forget to make a wish at 11:11. I hope yours comes true.

Love and peace. Also, Happy Veteran's Day and thank you to all of our veterans who keep us safe out there. Like my Papa Bill. He was a pilot in the Navy and one of the best people who ever lived on this planet. He used to unscrew my belly button and tell me my arms and legs were going to fall off. I miss him every day. This photo is of him in 1938 at age 20 on Terminal Island in Long Beach.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Post-It Note Is A Thing Of Beauty

I'm sorry, I had to take a week off from blogging. I was sick and couldn't bring myself to find the extra energy. Blogging is somewhat like exercise from me. If I miss too many days of it, it feels like I have to start all over again. Anyhoo, I had my flu shot a week ago last Friday, I was hoping that I would not get the flu because of it, but I did. I think my immune system was also hindered by the weird weather we've been having. Hot during the day, cold at night. It seems like a lot of people have the flu. It's hot and the Santa Ana's are blowing today, but it's supposed to be rainy only in the 50's by Friday. Go figure.

Being sick and laying in bed and doing absolutely nothing productive did lead me to my newest blog idea though....

The beauty of the Post-It note. I cannot express in enough words how much I love these things.
Really. I love, love, LOVE Post-It notes!! I'm one of those people that always thinks of things I have to do the next day, right as I'm falling asleep.

Lying in bed, nodding off watching something like Family Guy, I always think to myself, "Oh yeah, you need to go to the bank tomorrow, and the grocery store because we're out of bread (or whatever I'm out of). Also you need to call so-and-so about that appointment and make sure you call to have the maintenance guy fix the sink." With the Post-It notes, I can keep them on my nightstand, along with a pen, and jot down all these random thoughts that pop in my head late at night.

Without my lovely Post-It notes, I would totally wake up and completely forget all those things that run through my mind at 11:00 P.M. I would be lazy and read all day and never get to the grocery store. The sink would never get fixed. Post-It notes are my To-Do list. right by my bed, so as soon as I wake up, I know what I need to do that day.

Between the MS and the fact that I take Topamax for migraines, my brain is not quite what it used to be. Which is sad, because my brain is awesome. Did you know the nickname for Topamax is "Stupidmax"? Fun!!! But my Post-It notes help keep my life together when everything feels like it could unravel at any minute. So, I just had to give a shout out to my colorful, square paper that helps so much.

I've finally kicked the flu (knock wood). So maybe my brain will start functioning at full speed again soon and I will have a better blog next time than an ode to the Post-It.

As for the new med, the N-acetyl glucosamine, I've been on it for about a week and a half now, so I have no news to really report yet. No bad side effects, not feeling any change. But then again, I was fighting the flu, so I will report back again later.

As always, much love, and don't blow away on this blustery day!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Testing, Testing...

I was made aware of an article in the Orange County Register by my Dr. about the effect of N-acetyl-glucosamine on Multiple Sclerosis in a study at UCI. It seems to help slow the disease down a bit. Okay, they tested it on mice, but it worked on them. I ordered mine online and it arrived today. I had to go online because this is not your basic over the counter vitamin, but it was easy enough to get, even if it took awhile to ship. I started it today, I'll let you know how I feel.
Here's a link to the UCI study:

Happy Monday! I have school tonight and a full day of cleaning tomorrow (sobbing quietly), so I'll be hard to reach. Much love!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Love Lazy Sundays

I wake up, make some coffee, check my emails and things, and do my Sunday crossword puzzle from the L.A. Times. Okay, I don't actually complete all of it, but I ALMOST can!!

The weather here has been a drag. It's been cold at hot and in the high 80's during the day. Leading to me to feel like I'm fighting off a cold. I just my flu shot on Friday. I anyone gets one, make sure to do it in the hand you do not write with. It feel like you got socked in the arm for a couple of days after.

Yesterday was one of those rare days were I wanted to chill and I was actually able to. And time went so nice and slowly. Usually when you're having a nice day like that, the time just speeds by.

I've been adjusting to a new schedule, so my posts have been less frequent. It'll be back to normal soon. Until then, take care and I hope you are enjoying this lovely lazy Sunday too!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Secret Life of Sid... Punk Rock Dog!

Our pets are like angels with four furry little paws instead of wings.
No, I haven't gone and gotten all religious on you, I don't believe in religion. But I do believe in something higher than us who created this universe. I call it God and I believe one is the amazing things this creator did was give us animals. When you are having the bluest of blue days, who else can heal you like a dog or cat? Or whichever pet you chose to have? I once had a Gecko. It was awesome.
Have you checked out my fellow blogger Rabid's post on K.A.T yet? Do so and then check back in. The link is on the previous blog post.
OK, you're back? Interesting stuff, huh? Now where was I?
Ah yes, my amazing dog Sid. When I got sick 6 years ago, the best thing I did was go to the pound and adopt my Sid. Part Daschund and Corgi, I truly believe he has helped me heal as much as any of my medications. Who else makes me get up when I'd rather loaf around and be lazy to take him on a walk? Who else is my constant companion and waits on the couch until I get home? Who else looks at me with eyes full of unconditional love?  I love my dog more than words can say. He is my baby.
That's him after a trip to the groomer's. Look at that smile. All sweet and innocent looking, that is until...

His alter ego shows up! Sid the punk rocker! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Sid is actually Sid Vicious. He even has a grin where he shows a tooth like Billy Idol. He sneaks out at night to play poker with those bad dogs up the street. Usually mild mannered, Sid the punk rock dog has no time for bitches. And by that I mean female dogs of course. He loves only the music and the open road...

Mock me all you want for dressing up my dog, but I love him and it makes us happy. OK, it makes me happy. And he gets a treat for it. So it evens out in the end. Sid, mild mannered dog by day, punk rock super star by night, is the best thing that ever happened to me. I like to think we saved each other.
Have a wonderful Sunday and I hope you enjoyed the preview of Sid's Halloween costume!

"His ears were often the first thing to catch my tears."
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, referring to her cocker spaniel, Flush

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Thought It Was Supposed To Be Fall Already?

But I guess Southern California did not get that particular memo.
I had to wake up at 7:30(A.M.!) to start my laundry since the laundry room gets so hot (no air, super small window) and apparently... we broke the seasons. It's going to be 97* here today. Ewww. Global warming? The whole Mayan calendar end-of the-world thing? Too many Kardashians? Is the Earth shifting? Very, very strange days indeed.
So, anyways, in an attempt to get my cleaning days from Thursday to Tuesday (school, Dr's appt's and other things are making Tuesdays seem the better choice), I am cleaning today. Doing laundry at the moment. Well, blogging while I wait for clothes to dry...
Remember when you were a kid and you watched "The Jetsons" cartoon on TV? Why, in this golden age of technology, has no one invented a real Rosie the Robot? Not the Roomba thing. A real robot that will clean the damn toilet! That would make my life SOO much easier! Especially on hot days like today, when it is supposed to reach 97* in Orange County! We have iPads, the Internet on our phones and can do all these amazing technological things, but... no cleaning robot maid? What the what!?! Just imagine the possibilities...
I feel gypped. I don't even care about the flying cars. Could you imagine the 405 if people flew? Scary. :/ Sorry, I meant scarier.
I'll be turning on the air soon, only to turn it off later because it will be cold (chilly) here tonight. I'll get a sore throat. Just blogging/venting until that pesky laundry is dry and then I get to it.
No Rosie.. Life sucks.. I wish it was fall already. Memo to self: Must cryogenically freeze self and wake up when there is a cure for MS and cleaning robots.
Ok, done venting.

I also want to give a shout out to another blog. One of my favorite bloggers has discovered a new therapy for Multiple Sclerosis. It's called K.A.T. therapy. The link is below. I think it's going to help a lot of people, so please check it out. It's also plain hilarious, so MS or not, give a look anyways. It'll make your day! I'm enlisting my cat Nibbler ASAP to start my treatment.


Happy Wednesday. Here's hoping Fall figures out where California is soon!

Also as a late add-on, I've subscribed to this newsletter about MS from about.com and I'm really enjoying it. No awesome cats, but some helpful stuff. Here's that link:


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who Has Two Thumbs and Sold Out? This Girl!!

Yep. See these ever so lovely ads on my blog? They make me pennies and nickles. Like literally a penny if you click on them. So yes, I sold out. And I could care less. I am not a 19 year old with the thought that selling out is bad. It's good. Heck, it's the American way. Plus, I am poor. So please, feel free to click on those ads from time to time. By checking them out, you'll be doing me a solid. I may one day make a whole dollar!! Yay!!

Now to other things. I wanted to write a blog about what exactly Multiple Sclerosis is. Then I realized that would mean a lot of typing and I could just as easily add links to helpful sites. So, if you've ever wondered exactly what it is I'm dealing with, please, click on these links to some helpful sites that sum it up much more succinctly and eloquently then I ever could in one paragraph.



Have a beautiful Sunday. Since it is John Lennon's birthday, he would have been 71, and he is a hero of mine, I leave you with this quote:
“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”   
-John Lennon

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just To Clarify...

I just want to make sure that everyone understands what I was trying to say in my last blog. I'm afraid it came across differently than I meant it to.

I am aware that life is NOT a Disney movie, nor is it a fairy tale. I was just trying to point out the fact that little girls are brought up with these movies and stories that lead to a false view of the world. It is wrong and unfair.
I know that I have to participate in a finding and building a relationship. I was just complaining because it is hard to do that when you are: A) not working B) broke C) extremely shy D) spending most of your days on the couch watching Netflix. I know my shyness is something I have to overcome myself. I'm working on it.
I know that I am an amazing human being with a lot to offer someone. I have no issues with my self-esteem. I am just shy. To be fair, I'm shy around everyone when I first meet them. It just happens to be worse when it's a handsome, intelligent man. Maybe I should seek therapy to find out where that comes from. But, I know that I am a total catch and any man should count himself lucky to go out with me.
I also have no problem being single. For now. I have never been the girl that had to have a boyfriend, just to have a boyfriend. I have been fine being single many times in my life. I don't mind being single right now. I just would like to go on the occasional date. I am awesome company and do not mind being alone. However, at some point in the future, I would like to get married to a man I consider my equal and have children with him. But I am in no rush. No matter what my Nana says to me about great-grandchildren.

I believe that we all want love. Love is never perfect. Every relationship in your life you have to put some work into it. Whether it's with your significant other, your parents or children, or your friends. They all take work. However, I can't completely give up on love. Maybe I won't find it. Maybe I'll be the old spinster with 10 cats and all my books and that's fine too. Everyone has a different life path. But I can't help believing that is out there. He's probably busy making himself awesome enough to be worthy of me.

No matter what you choose in life, it's your choice. As long as YOU choose it, it's the right choice. So, I will continue being single until I find that someone worthy.

All I really wanted to know (and would still like opinions on) is where does a single, broke girl go to meet eligible men? If I have to wait for a great guy, I'd at least like to find one who can take me out occasionally to a movie or dinner. I need to end the cycle of staying in and watching those Netflix movies in my Snuggie. That's getting me nowhere.

I love you all, thank you all for the advice. Have a wonderful rainy Wednesday.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Disney is a Big, Fat Liar to all Little Girls and It's Not Fair

Seriously. The Disney Princess movies should come with a disclaimer at the beginning. Warning: Your life will be nothing like this movie when you grow up. I wish it did, but the sad truth of it is: life turns out more like Bridget Jones' Diary. I'm sure you grew up watching Disney movies. Even if you're a boy, you probably watched them when you were younger, especially if you had sisters. I'll admit it, I love Disney movies. But they're full of LIES. There is never a prince with shiny hair waiting to rescue you on his stallion. (Wouldn't it be awesome if there was, though?) If life was like a Disney movie, a handsome man would show up, love me for my brains as well as my looks, and then we'd share true love's kiss and everything would be perfect. I'd be suddenly healthy, we'd move into his castle, and the people would embrace me as their princess. I would be a good and fair ruler.

But that fairy tale, it's such a lie. Such a let down. Especially when you've hit 32 and you realize that you are turning into Bridget Jones. You know where she has that epiphany and realizes that she has to change something or else she's going to live a life where her major relationship is with a bottle of wine and she'll finally die, fat and alone, and be found three weeks later, half-eaten by wild dogs? Or else she was about to turn into Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction? The epiphany she has in her 32nd year? Yep, I'm in my 32nd year and I'm having the epiphany that I don't want to die fat and alone only to be found three weeks later, half-eaten by wild dogs. I'm not fat at the moment, but I am alone. That could lead to the eating of LOTS of chocolate, which could lead to me dying fat and alone and being eaten by wild dogs. Sigh.

Out of all the Princesses, I'm the most like Belle. I love to read. I yearn for something more than this provincial life. Behind my fair facade, I'm afraid I'm rather odd. I have a dreamy far-off look and my nose is always stuck in a book. I am also intelligent, witty, nice, cute, I can quote movies, I'm fun to be around, and gosh darn it, people like me. Yes, I'm an uber-nerd, but so are a lot of guys. So why the hell am I still single? Oh yes, it's because apparently Prince Charming no longer rescues you off your couch. A real Prince would. I don't do clubs. I don't drink except for once in a blue moon, so bars are really out. Plus, the guys in the bar that hit on me are NOT the ones I want. Cheesy pick-up lines are not cool. Just say hello. The guy I'd want, wouldn't hit on me. And I wouldn't talk to him unless I was plastered off my ass. That would not be a pretty sight and I can guarantee you, he would not think, "Finally, I've found the one!". Nope, he'd be doing his best to escape.
My mental picture of myself when I'm having a good day:
My mental picture of myself the rest of the time:

I want my Prince to have a brain as well as good looks. Looks will fade, he needs to be intelligent and interesting so we never get bored with each other. (By the way, the Prince in Beauty and the Beast was the least attractive of all the Princes in my opinion. Eric from The Little Mermaid was way cuter. Just sayin'.) He should be funny, my jokes shouldn't go over his head. He needs to have a kind heart. Be someone who likes me, "just as I am". I have more to add to that list, things that are lot to ask of someone, but that's what I need to start off. To keep going, it would help it he loved The Beatles, Battlestar Galactica (okay, anything sci-fi), loved to read, the list goes on and on. I know I have high expectations, but I believe everyone should. I'm not going to lower them just to be with someone. Then I'd just be with someone but be unhappy because I wasn't in love.

So, where can I meet this dream man? There must be someplace, right? In my school the options are men 15-20 years older or 10 years younger than I am. Not promising. Where do I like to hang out? A library. A bookstore. Maybe go to a park and read. I work out at home or at the gym at my apartment complex. You must also keep in mind that I am poor. That cuts off a lot of options.  But anyways, even when I do those things, I still lack the courage to talk to guys. Am I giving off some kind of funky "stay-away-from-me" vibe? I have tried online dating before and I could do it again, but I really don't want to. I hate making a profile where I can't tell the whole truth about who I am. Plus, I feel like it should happen more organically. For all that I believe Disney lied, I still believe in true love and I believe it's out there some where. I think I just bump into him one day. Maybe at Trader Joe's. Maybe he'll hit on me at Barnes & Noble. Hear that Fairy Godmother? Now, get to work! Stop slacking!

I must work out this problem fairly soon. I do not want to spend New Year's Eve singing "All By Myself" a la Bridget. I would love to hear any suggestions. What do you think I should do about this? Where should I be hanging out? Where are all the single, good men in the world? What does a guy want a girl to say that would make him want to get to know her? Should I try online dating again? Even though it has led to some awful boyfriends in the past? Should I volunteer somewhere? What hobbies do men do that I could do too? What things in general do guys do on the weekend? Help me for the love of God!  ; )

In the meantime, to my version of Mark Darcy. The man with personality of Paul Rudd and the good looks of Michael Fassbender, but he's not aware of how good looking he is, so he's not a jerk and still a geek. Fix your damn internal GPS. You're running really late. And I don't want to spend my 33rd year alone.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Would You Like Some Blackberry in Your Coleslaw?

First off, thanks for bearing with me yesterday through my pity party. Last weekend and Monday were tough. I was very tired. But I am feeling a lot better today. I hope you all are too.

So, one of the many typical things I do everyday, I did again today. I do so many dumb and dorky things all the time. When I was in junior high, before I was even diagnosed with MS (although, looking back, I can see the symptoms), I went to Knott's Berry Farm on a school trip. As we were leaving, heading back to the buses, I ran into what I thought was a child and said, "Oh, excuse me. Are you okay?". Then I look down and it's a yellow post that came up to my waist. I told you it's important to look where you're walking. ; ) My friends all got a big kick out of that one.

Today I was eating some Popeye's chicken for lunch. Yummy! I made the mistake of trying to multi-task and do something on my phone and I dropped my phone into my coleslaw. Ewww. It's okay, luckily. It's kinda sticky and I'm sure it will smell for awhile. I suppose the moral of this story is to take things one at a time.

I also stopped by the gas station on the corner by my place to get a soda. So sue me, I stay away from diet soda, per my Neurologist's advice, but I love fountain drinks. In fact, that's partly why I dumped my dumb ass ex-boyfriend. Every time we'd drive through a fast food place he'd order about $10 worth of food while I'd order a 99 cent burrito and I'd want a soda. He'd bitch and moan about the cost and say we had sodas at home. (Sodas I had bought! And if you really love a fountain drink like I do, you know they are NOT the same! That wasn't the only reason I dropped him. He was a jerk. That's enough on that subject.) Now, back to the gas station main story. Totally hot guy filling up at the gas station. What did I do? Nada. I did look at him, but he wasn't paying any attention. Maybe he was married or had a girlfriend. In which case, I'm glad he didn't look. But I'm still working on breaking through the shyness and the whole dating with MS thingamajig. I'll ponder it over the next few days.

I won't post tomorrow. Thursday is my cleaning and laundry day and I do best when I stick to my routine. I also have a tendency to sit at the computer and check facebook and my mail and do anything to put it off. So, I'll see you all soon.

Quote of the day: "Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."- Victor Kiam

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MS Symptoms or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

I was so fatigued over the past weekend. Was I getting sick? It felt like I was fighting off an end of summer cold. Hot days, A/C in buildings, and cooler nights; they tend to give me a cold. Or is the usual, crappy feeling that everyone with MS knows and fights on a daily basis? Or is it six of one, half a dozen of the other? I have included a link on MS and fatigue help, but I haven't found the magic cure yet. I was on Amantadine. It helped, but I am apparently allergic to it. My legs looked like you could see every vein. Very scary. Not to mention, not very aesthetically pleasing. I know it's vain, but it was also the fact that people with MS tend to run hotter; and not being able to wear shorts last summer sucked a lot. Now I am on Nuvigil. It's not covered by my insurance though. It's only about $350 a month. Yeah, don't I wish! Add to that- I've been suffering from lips that are cracking in the corners for about the past two months. I was doing some research online and saw that it could be a side effect of the Nuvigil. That sucks, because that stuff is like adding a double shot to your mocha Frappuccino! I like it, it works for me (other than the possibility it’s causing the cracked lips). So, next week, I will see my Neurologist and after that, my PCP, to find out what I can do. I do my best to keep up with my exercise, especially yoga since I feel like it centers me. God knows, people with MS need balance. I take a B12 vitamin in addition to my Women's One-a-Day. But I would love opinions on how others keep their energy up. I've read Montel Williams' books and he has a diet plan that seems great (shakes and stuff), but it doesn't seem extremely affordable or easy. I did read on about.com that someone recommended taking a 10 to 15 minute nap as needed throughout the day. I know that does help me. For someone who suffers such extreme insomnia at night, I have no problem dropping off for a 15 minute nap at any time during the day. And strangely enough, I do feel re-charged for a few hours. Now, how do I convince the rest of the world that that is acceptable behavior?

I also had a couple of days where I woke up with what I call the "MS twitch". It's waking up and doing that sleep jerk thing, like you do when you're nodding off, but a little bit more. It happens to me a lot in the mornings, usually when I am really tired. Sometimes it's accompanied by, not quite blurry vision, but it's almost like I can see an outline of my iris when I look at the wall or the floor. These symptoms are not too worrying to me. I have been feeling so much better than I was. The "twitch" and the fatigue are so much better than the double vision and the vertigo back when I was diagnosed. I know when I see my Neuro next week, he'll probably want me to schedule an MRI, but that's something I'm due for anyway.

I'm just very curious if anyone has found any natural cures for fatigue. Does anyone keep a diary of their symptoms? (I'm really bad, I don't track mine.) Are you on medication for fatigue, and if so, has it helped you? I was researching Provigil and Ampyra and I'll have to find out if they're covered by my insurance.

I was going to blog about dating the other day (or the lack of it in my life), but I was so tired I just watched movies all day. So, coming soon will be a blog about how to date with MS. How do you explain your cracked lips and the bruises from your shots, among other things? Where do you meet people nowadays? Other than online, that is? Hell, how to date in your 30's when you're a couch potato who has been told by WAY too many friends that she is "just like Liz Lemon". Nerds. Next time folks, I will tackle the issue of love: where it's hiding and how to find it. Until then, as always, take care and watch where you're walking. :)
I hope the links showed up, the first time I added them, they didn't, so I had to do it again.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!!!

First off, let me just say welcome to my new followers and to my friends that I made come check out my site! Blogger shows me where the traffic comes from (don't worry, it just says the country, feel free to stalk and read all you want, I don't know who you ACTUALLY are!! Or do I? No, really, I don't!!!) and I've noticed that I had new readers from the UK and Germany!!! Wow!! I am delighted!! I'm guessing you're here because of my Multiple Sclerosis posts and will hate all of my, "Wow, it's supposed to be 80* again in SoCal. Bummer for us..." posts. I kid, I kid. I'm so amazed that something I wrote was read by someone so far away! May I just say, I've always wanted to go to Europe. Where, you ask? All of it. Maybe because I'm a European mutt; I'm English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch (?, maybe Danish? Mom, Dad?), and French! I'm also part Native American (Blackfoot). Go America and Europe! Go World!! I'll get there one day. Any rich men reading this.... Can't hurt to ask. ; )

So, anyhoo...
Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
Fremde, etranger, stranger.
Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,
Happy to see you, bleibe, reste, stay!

What? I didn't tell you I am HUGE dork? I should have... you're right. Oh well, too late.. You're already reading. Might as well stick around. ; )

Real quick: re-reading my past posts, I've noticed how many typos I do. I apologize after the fact and before I do it again. Because I will, in all probability, do it again. And again. As I said before- It's the plaque!!

But truthfully everyone, it's a very overcast, gloomy day here in SoCal. I'm doing my laundry, procrastinating on my cleaning, and just was truly amazed that I had someone read this from Germany and the UK!! So cool!! It makes me want to watch my Pride & Prejudice DVDs with Colin Firth instead of clean. Of course, I'd always prefer to watch that than clean, but you get the idea....

I have to tell you that I am a huge fan of Harry Potter (books and movies), Jane Austen (books and movies), and Monty Python (books and mov... wait a minute...). I knit and crochet. Because we like, totally like need scarves, for like those cold California nights. ; ) It actually does get cold here in winter. Not Europe, Charles Dickens' winter cold, but it's not always warm. I'm just sayin'. I wish I could go see Top Gear tape live. The real British Top Gear. Not the crummy American version. Sooo not funny. I am also reading currently reading Possession by A.S. Byatt. Oops, I just realized I totally forgot to update my reading list. See, it's the MS plaque!! Grrr. :) I already owned it and had just never gotten around to reading it, so I'm feeling very English at the moment. I'll have to start spelling everything that we Yanks spell with a "Z" with an "S" (I apologise instead of apologize). Ohhh, it's going to be so much fun! I'll pretend I have a horrible Eliza Doolittle accent. That's the only one I can do... :(

So, all European readers, I just wanted to say, "Welcome!". I hope you found something that might have helped you. Please feel free to leave me any comments with questions, I will answer. I have to figure out how you can contact me on here. I'm still a total newbie at this. I would also love to hear if you are experiencing the same thing. Well, I would hate to hear that, that sucks, but I would love to know if you, yourself, are blogging and I can in turn follow you.

To all my beautiful friends who I asked to come check this out, thank you. Again, you're all awesome.

Any other readers who are here in the US that might possibly feel left out, please don't! Welcome to you too! If you're actually here... are you? I have no idea who reads this unless you sign up to follow. Welcome to my followers! Amazing people one and all. Friends and those who are strangers who are friends that I just haven't met yet.

I hope you have a wonderful day. The sun is trying to peek it's head out. I guess it time to clean. In my Labyrinth shirt. What? You didn't know I owned one? Oh yes, I am that AWESOME!! (Haven't seen the movie? I suggest reverting to your childhood innocence and enjoying David Bowie and crazy Jim Henson puppets. You're welcome.)

Take care all, and here is my quote for the day, courtesy of the amazing man who wrote Winnie the Pooh:
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
-A. A. Milne

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some days, I hate Facebook...

And no, it's not the new layout. It's the fact that every time I log on, I have a couple of friends who apparently have AMAZING husbands who do WONDERFUL things for them like buy them flowers because it's a cloudy Tuesday or make them dinner because they (the girls) have had a rough day. I know, in my heart of hearts, I should be very happy for these old friends, right? But when they post every other day about how WONDERFUL their husbands are, how BLESSED their marriage is, I can't help but wonder: "Are you full of shit?". Do you realize that you're bragging? I'm not talking about the girls that post every once in awhile. I'm speaking about a few who do this every other day. Are their husbands really THAT AMAZING?!?!? I can't help but feel that the rest of the time their husbands are pretty crummy or boring and they have to post these things to make up for it. Or why don't they post the AMAZING things that they themselves have done? They are my friends for a reason! They have more interesting lives than what their hubbies have done for them lately, right?

I guess I'm just in a crappy mood and I'd rather experience that evil schadenfreude feeling at times like this. Maybe it's just a day where I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I better get back in and get back out on the other side.

On another note, I'm back in school. I did not get my Terminology class even though I was up early and then up late to petition it. I am taking computers. If my posts are less frequent, that's why. I've been fairly fatigued. Happy Hump Day. I hope you are feeling less evil than I am today. ; )

Just as a late P.S. to this... this is NOT directed to any of my followers! I am speaking about a few particular people (whom I do actually love! Did I use "whom" correctly?) that I have not told about this blog so please friends DO NOT think, "Hmm, is she referring to me?". I'm not. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh, no, I gotta go, back to school... Again!!

Really? Already? Didn't I just finish my last class? Well, if I must, I must. I have class tonight... and looking online at my schedule I realized that instead of my wait-listed class being tomorrow night like it was supposed to be.. they've moved it to Thursday. That's my cleaning day. I do better with an order to my life. I also signed up to be wait-listed for a Wednesday class, but it starts at 9:00 a.m. That's really, really early when you have MS. So, we'll see. I might just have to change my cleaning days. I really hope I get added to this class. If I don't, I don't see the point of even taking the other one. Keep your fingers crossed for me! And this first one is until 9 at night, let's hope I can stay up that late!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Illegitimi Non Carborundum

That Latin phrase that is the heading of this post? It's my quote of the day. I'll translate it at the end. Even though it's kind of a fake Latin phrase, it's one of my favorites. It has to do with how I feel about my blog subject today.

First, I'll explain that I LOVE a good quote. About anything. Life, love, books, learning, dogs, basically anything brilliant that someone has said in the past, I'll write it down in my journal (or now this blog) or on a Post-It note and refer to it as needed. I love brilliant minds.

Today is pretty darn hot for a Southern California day. My Internet says 79*, but it's muggy and gross outside. I think it's wrong and it's hotter. Thank you Jeebus for A/C and my momma for letting me run it. And no, Jeebus is not a typo. Google it if you have time. My fellow Simpsons fans will get it. So, I'm chilling inside, watching some 30 Rock and decided to write. Ahhh... 30 Rock. Good place for quotes. Not necessarily inspirational, but amusing and they make me happy nevertheless.

Now to today's blog entry: I really don't love talking about my Multiple Sclerosis. It brings up bad feelings. It makes me remember that I have it. I like the whole, "Out of sight, out of mind" motto. Maybe in my case it should be, "Out of mind, out of my damn brain!". Even if it doesn't make it true. I don't even like to really read books about MS. I will, but I'd prefer to read a nice novel and get swept away to another life. However, I was just speaking to someone about my MS and I thought I'd just write a quick note about how I, personally, deal with it. I did okay talking about it. I hope! It has taken a looong time. Six years. It's still no picnic. But I can do it. That, in itself, is a victory. It's also nice to be able to tell someone something that might possibly help them. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that doesn't have a lot of support. I do not mean to belittle other diseases. They ALL suck! But we really don't have a lot of places to turn to. That can be really hard.

First, I try not to think about it. Sound stupid? Probably. You know how they say that there's the power of positive thinking? I know I feel better when I do not focus on it. I'm not saying to ignore it, or to not educate yourself. I've read tons of books on the subject. I just try to not let it rule my life. I do better when I wake up not thinking, "I have MS." but rather just waking up and thinking, "What am I going to do today?". The more days I have where I can forget for awhile that I have MS? The better I feel.

But, when you do have to think about it and read those books and do that research, stick with uplifting things. Montel Williams is a hero of mine. A fellow MS patient, he is so optimistic. I can read his books and be inspired, not depressed.

I play with my rescue puppy Sid. I saved him from the pound. He had a tough life before he came to live with me, but now there's no more spoiled dog on this planet. Maybe Paris Hilton's dogs. But he has a better mom than they do. In my very biased opinion anyway. ;-) He makes me smile like no other. He relieves stress when he grins at me and flashes his Billy Idol toothy smile. Yep, he's a recurring theme here.

I do yoga or I meditate. I try to find my center in my wobbly world. I am a weeble. But remember! Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down!!

I read. I escape to another world. I love my Kindle. My eyesight is okay at the moment, but the Kindle allows you to change the font size to REALLY BIG if you need it. Or listen to an audio book!

So, that quote for today, "Illegitimi non carborundum", it means: "Don't let the bastards grind you down."

Don't let them. Don't grind yourself down either.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My New Reading List

First off, let me thank Amazon and my Kindle for all the awesome free books I was able to download! Time to start reading all those books I never read in high school. ;-)  I am a fairly quick reader, but since these are classics, not a quick read like my Nora Roberts or even something long like a Stephen King novel that I would tear through anyway, I'm afraid I can make no promises as to how soon I'll get through these. But, I remain hopeful.

Here's a list of the books I plan on getting through. There's a lot!

Walden Henry David Thoreau
Ethan Frome Edith Wharton
Siddhartha Hermann Hesse
Winesburg, Ohio Sherwood Anderson
Dead Souls Nikolai Gogol
Middlemarch George Eliot
Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert
Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Brothers Karamazov Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson
House of Mirth Edith Wharton
The Portrait of a Lady Henry James
War and Peace Leo Tolstoy
Paradise Lost John Milton

I've already started on Walden, but I'd like your opinion on what books you've read and which ones you've loved. What do you think I should read next? Also feel free to tell me something that might not be free, I can always go to the library. It's on the same block as my place. Joy! Has anyone ever read Catch-22? I've always wanted to read that but never have. It wasn't a free download, so I'll have to go to the library for that one. Let the opinions flow people!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Took My Final Today!!!

I'm pretty sure I aced it too!! Even if I didn't, I know I still passed the class! Go me!

Sorry, just had to celebrate. :)

Tomorrow, I get to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to register for the new semester. But after that, I have three weeks off. Three much needed weeks off.

I've downloaded a lot of free books onto my Kindle. I'll post my to-read list later. I am WAY behind on crocheting my friend's birthday afghan (sorry girl). And I really need to work in the garden a bit. But for tonight, I'm relaxing and enjoying that I kicked some major ass in this class.

And I did it on a Monday.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's See If Any Of This Comes True...

Year 2011 Overview

As the consummate social butterfly of the zodiac, you'll be thrilled to hear that the major planetary emphasis takes place in your social sector in 2011. Expect your agenda to be chock full of parties and events to keep you busily buzzing without pause.

The year begins on a romantic note with Venus gracing your relationship sector. But as the year unfolds, you'll be making so many new friends and networking contacts, you'll barely have time to think about intimacy with one person. The more the merrier is one of the year's central themes. You have a knack for attracting interesting characters from every walk of life and finding what's special about them. It's your insatiable curiosity that brings out the gems in all you meet. And the more you can learn about yourself through the continuous onslaught of new personalities and alliances livening up your social scene, the happier and more fulfilled you will feel.

With Pluto still excavating the depths of your soul, your interest in psychology and desire to plummet your own depths only gets stronger throughout 2011. Asking the deeper questions about what really makes you tick can open many wonderful doors. Self-knowledge is power. When Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and expansive thinking enters your subconscious sector right around your birthday, you'll be blessed with amazing vision, renewed perspective and a series of Eureka moments and kismet meetings with amazing people. 2011 is the year for expanding your horizons, meeting kindred spirits and finally creating the community of your wildest dreams.

Gemini Month of August Love Horoscope
Sometimes you and your partner (or potential partner) just aren't on the same wavelength. If that's the case on the 1st or 2nd, don't get your feathers in a bunch. After all, if you always understood each other perfectly, where would the fun be? A relationship is about relating, and that is always a process of trial and error. You've got to be willing to make mistakes, and willing to let them make mistakes, if you really want to make this work. Go for a really long run or swim or walk or bike ride on the 5th and 6th, and something important will suddenly become clear to you. Have you always been the one pushing your partners away because you aren't comfortable setting boundaries? Don't let work rule your life on the 10th and 11th, even if it's taking up a lot of your energy. Tap into some seriously social impulses on the 17th and 18th, and see who you meet! Feeling fantastic on the 22nd and 23rd? That's because you are fantastic. And they can't wait to hang out with you! Talk it all over on the 28th and 29th. Romance has something up its sleeve on the 30th and 31st.

Speaking of love, here's my dream man: Paul Rudd.

Oh so dreamy, smart, great taste in music and he's funny. Why can't I find a Paul Rudd? Or even a knock-off Paul Rudd? Where is my Fairy Godmother and what is her deal? She's seriously slacking.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do It Today... You Know You Don't Want To Do It Tomorrow!

Here's a picture of the love of my life... Sid Vicious!! I took him to the groomer's today and he smells so nice and clean and looks so handsome! He comes out strutting, like, "Yeah, I know I look good." I think it's the pretty bow they put on him. I haven't told him it's girlie. I think the colors are masculine. ;-)

I also did my laundry this a.m. I was trying to get as much cleaning done as possible while he was at the groomer's, but couldn't do any major stuff (mopping,  vacuuming, cleaning the toilet or shower, anything that would make me sweaty... ewww) until I picked him up. I didn't want to be all gross and smelly. Judging by half the people that were out and doing their own errands, I shouldn't have worried. Was that too evil? Oh well. If I can tell you need a shower, and I was able to get myself looking at least presentable this morning, why can't other people? At least brush your hair.

I did debate just not cleaning at all once I got home with my puppy love. I was tired, I had my puppy home and clean and happy. Plus, I saw I had a new magazine in the mail. But, I persevered. I think only because I knew I DO NOT want to wake up early tomorrow to do it. I know I'll be glad I did tomorrow. That way I can wake up, do some yoga, and if I feel up to it, get my filthy dirty car washed. But only if I feel like it.

Oh, and good news about the final! My awesome teacher gave us a review with pretty much all the answers. The final accounts for 5% of our grade, so even if I did fail it, I know I've passed the class! Go me!! Woot woot! Woot was actually added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Needless to say, I am disgusted with the Oxford English Dictionary. Meh, whatevs.

I did not pass my Computer Challenge test though. Which means I'll have to take that class next. I got a 76% and needed an 80%. Kinda bummed, I know the class is a beginner's class and will be super easy and just set me back on my timeline. But, life goes on.

Before I sign off, I want to hello to my new followers! Who could you possibly be? Thank you for signing up and following me. It means more to me than you can imagine. Love you all and thank you for your kind words of inspiration!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Migraine, Migraine, Go Away...

And don't come back another day.

And I was doing so well. Damn. Final day of school before my final, so I have to this gone before class. Then I can deal with it. The final is on Monday and I do need to study all weekend. But today, we're doing a final review. So... go away migraine! Thank you!

On a happier note, I was driving to class on Tuesday and I hear a honk. I turn to my right side where I get the "Hey, what's up," nod from a biker dude. Sadly, said biker dude looked like a member of ZZ Top. But, I'll still take that as I can turn guys' heads. Right? Happy Wednesday all!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of Blogging...

Welcome to my blog!

It may well be the most boring blog on the planet! I'm not trying to scare you off, just a fair warning. I have Multiple Sclerosis and therefore am not having wild, crazy adventures. Just the day to day adventures of dealing with this dumb disease. I will, on occasion, do really stupid things which I will post for your enjoyment. After all, someone ought to enjoy them. I am currently enrolled in school, deciding if I should re-enter the workforce(terrified to lose my disability benefits), all while living with MS. It makes everything a little bit tougher.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? I am currently 32 years young. I am a female. I was diagnosed at age 25 with MS. I was working full-time, going to school at night, when I woke up one morning with extreme vertigo and double vision, which led to vomiting because I felt sea sick. I thought it was the Taco Bell I ate after school the night before. Wouldn't you? Cut to a week later, I'm in the hospital having been diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MS. I won't lie. It did suck. A lot.

I spent the next 3 years focusing on getting better, all while attempting to get put on disability. My advice for anyone with MS trying to get on disability, get a lawyer. I had to before they approved me. Also make sure to get a neurologist you love. They will become a fixture in your life. You need to trust them completely. What sucks about this disease is that we can look completely normal, even though we have lesions on our brains that make it light up like a Christmas tree on our MRI. Especially when you're young, people do not believe you are as sick as you are. I think that's why I was denied for disability for so long, but a lot of people have told me they deny everyone at least three times.

Life has had its ups and downs, but I am blessed. I have loving and supportive family and friends. They always put the air conditioner vents in the car facing me (it's the small things sometimes). They are there for me in so many other ways too. I still live with my mommy. Yay! At 32! But what would I do without her? She also helps with my shots. How on Earth am I supposed to get the back of my arms by myself?

Six years after being diagnosed, I am almost feeling like I did when I was still "healthy". As healthy as I ever was, I mean. I am on medication. Three times a week I have to inject myself, my mom does help, as I mentioned. I do have many, many, many lesions for someone my age. I don't like writing that. It feels like it's not true if I don't say it. I am always tired. If you're reading this and you have MS, or know someone who does, then you know what I'm talking about. The migraines are still constant. But I am able to walk. Pretty normally too! I just trip more often than your normal 32 year old. People ask if I have "upper" or "lower" MS and I suppose I have "upper". I don't have a problem in my legs really, just my head. The double-vision comes back on occasion. I have to stay out of the heat, but my English/Irish ancestry makes me stay out of the sun anyways. I do yoga at least 4 times a week. I only miss it if I'm sick or having an "MS" week. When I have a bad day, I always just say, "It's the plaque!".  I also use that when I forget something. (Side-note: make notes for yourself. To-Do lists, Post-It notes. I find they all help me remember to do the small things like take the dog to the groomer's before the day is halfway over)

I guess I started this to chronicle for myself how I'm doing with Multiple Sclerosis and to show others out there that it's okay. It gets better. If you were just diagnosed, there are a lot more medicines then there were 20 years ago. Of course, I have depressed days too, but all in all, it could be much worse. I met a friend at an MS Walk who told me that everyone on Earth is disabled, they just don't know what they have yet. And it's true. At least we know what we're up against.

So, keep your head up and be proud of your daily accomplishments. MS is a daily battle, and every night when you go to bed, congratulate yourself on what you've accomplished. No matter how small. Doing the dishes, walking the dog, doing some yoga, or even just making it through another day. If you are walking though... keep on eye on what's ahead of you instead of keeping your head up. I don't want anyone else tripping.  :)