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Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm a Driver, I'm a Winner; Things Are Gonna Change, I Can Feel It.

HAPPY 2012!!

Since the Rose Parade aired today, instead of on the first, I feel that I'm not technically late with my first blog of 2012! What's that you say? An excuse?? Maybe... But seriously, it doesn't feel like a new year until those pretty floats are on my screen and I'm watching Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards tell me that they hold the parade on a Monday instead of yesterday, a Sunday, because the horses used to get spooked by the church bells on Sundays. There's also a legend that the parade has an agreement with God not to hold it on a Sunday and in return, it will never rain on the parade; but a few years ago it sure poured on poor Stephanie Edwards when they put her on the street. Thankfully, people threw a fit and she's hosting again. I'm glad, I hated seeing her in that pouring rain!

So, anyhoo, I figure today starts the actual new year. Plus, it's a leap year. An extra day, right? And I have a bit of a cold. I debated heavily about getting out from under the covers at all. But 80* on January 2nd will make you want to. (Seriously, what on Earth is up with this weather?!?!)

Now down to business:
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sid did too. Santa left him some bones under the tree. Check out the pic of him waiting for Santa!

And family members sent him a ton too! I got some wonderful gifts too, just as I always do. My Nana is better than Santa. Sorry, Santa. Speaking of which, those two amazing gift givers ran into each other this year:
Santa at the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana was amazing! My Nana is 89 and when I saw that Santa happened to have no kids in line (I know, how often does that happen?) I asked him to come take a picture with her. She called me a stinker, but I know she secretly loved it. I even had the picture put on a coffee mug. One of my favorite moments ever! All in all, a great Christmas. Next year I am not making cookies as gifts though. Waaay too much stress!! I think I'll do the crocheted ornaments again, but I'm starting now! No rushing throughout December! They turned out pretty well. It's definitely a case of the more I do it, the better I am. If I haven't crocheted in a few months, it takes awhile to get back to it. Here's a pic:

I have made some resolutions for the new year. I hate calling them that though. Let's call them guidelines. And no, I'm not sharing them all with you. Sorry. Some are personal, some are just downright nerdy, and I kinda believe that I'll be more likely to keep them if I have less pressure on me to do so. I know, usually it's the other way around, but not for me.

That being said, I will share THREE with you (aren't you lucky!) ;-)
1) Blog More!-
     There's no reason to blog as infrequently as I do, except for pure laziness and the fact that I do not do enough interesting things to blog about... which brings us to
2) Do More Interesting Things!-
     Maybe I'll meet some cool people AND I'll have better things to blog about. Less abstract ideas; more, here's the cool thing that happened to me yesterday!
3) Get Healthier-
     This includes a multitude of things, from working out more, varying my workouts, eating better, reading up and doing more research about MS, to even finally getting a wisdom tooth pulled (ugh). This is a never-ending resolution and I'm okay with that.

So, that's all I'm sharing with you. I will get on it. Starting today! I did already do a new blog entry, didn't I? Go me! 1 down! Kinda. As I said, they're more guidelines for the year, not "resolutions".

And so I leave you with this, Happy New Year's to all and welcome to my new readers! How awesome was it to come back after a month's hiatus to new readers! And when I check my stats, I see that people from all over the world have checked out my blog. I am truly humbled! I hope to do you all proud! As always, if you want to hear about anything in particular, let me know!!