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Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy 8th MS Anniversary to Me!!!

Okay... so technically, it's tomorrow. February 2nd. Groundhog's Day. Can you believe that bulls$#*? Of all the days that you want to not pull a Groundhog's Day... that would definitely top the list.

What's that, Punxsutawney Phil? 8 more years of MS? Oh, and also the rest of my life? Are you sure you saw your shadow? I think that was just a play of the lights... get back in the hole and give me another damn reading.

8 years of shooting a painful medication into my body and having weird bruises because of it. (Side-note: they actually called to schedule the next shipment as I was writing this. Their ears must have been burning) 8 years of my best friend Stephanie covering up said bruises when went out to a concert, bar, club, beach and then had to leave. Usually because I ended up puking because I got too hot. (Thank you to Steph and all my amazing friends and family who have willing left amazing places because of me) 8 years of trying to date guys and figure out when to tell them that I have MS and not get that "pity" look. Screw your "pity" look, boys who gave it. And you were boys, not men. Thankfully, you were few and far between. 8 years of MRI's and seeing how they've evolved. 8 years of me learning and getting stronger.

Seriously though, I've been really lucky. No relapse in those 8 years. Knock on wood. Seriously. Stop what you are doing right now and knock on wood for me. Tingling, migraines, fatigue, all those lovely side effects, but nothing too terrible. Now go knock on wood again....

When you're diagnosed, you feel as if the world is upside down. Sometimes literally. I was so damn dizzy, everything was spinning. Then your life is thrown upside down. Slowly but surely, it returns to normal. Well, an MS normal.

My life is almost back to normal. I barely even blog anymore. Which sucks, but it's kind of a good thing for me. I've been so busy actually living, I haven't actually had time to fill you all in on my life. I promise I'll try to do better on staying current.

I actually went out for New Year's instead of staying in with Ryan Seacrest. I'm going out this weekend, which is why I'm writing right now instead of tomorrow on the actual anniversary of my diagnosis. So I still love writing and staying in touch... but it is so nice to feel somewhat normal again.

If you don't feel good at the moment, it will get better. I felt like crap for so long. I also stayed at home for too long. I'm not saying that you also need to get a part time job. But getting out the house really helped me. Having a reason to wake up and get ready made such a difference in my mood and health. People around me that I barely knew commented on it. So don't make the mistake of staying on your couch watching Law and Order SVU marathons all the time.

Looking back this 8th anniversary, I can say it's made me mentally stronger. I've made a lot  of new friends. I know that there is a great community out there that supports each other through all the good and bad times. I still wish I was perfectly healthy, but as someone with MS once told me when I was first diagnosed, "Everyone is disabled, everyone gets sick. They just don't know what they have yet. We do.". So at least we're ahead of the game.

Cheers to you all.

Till the next time, keep your head up, otherwise we trip!!!

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