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Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Time No Post... Sorry About That....

I've had no Internet for 2 weeks! The horror!!

But seriously, it sucked. I tried to post from my phone; I have no idea where it went. Into the wild oblivion of the Internet, apparently. So, where did I leave off? No idea. I just start off where I want... Deal? Okay, thankyouverymuchyouaretookind. ;-)

The move went well. I LOVE MY NEW PLACE!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! But really, that's been fun, trying to find new spots where everything should go. Figure out the flow of the new place. The new place with a washer and dryer! Heaven!!
But it is all worth it. I have had the best sleep in this new place. It's been a year almost since I've had such a nice PEACEFUL rest. Yes, the MS still sucks, but I have NO ANNOYING upstairs neighbor waking me up every two hours. The unbridled joy!!! I feel human again. I don't want to bite stranger's heads off. So nice!

With the move and the job and everything, I've been running around around like this:

(P.S., I love the Internet. So easy to access pics of how you feel. It's awesome. So glad I have it back!) But I don't really mind, because I've been able to SLEEP!! Yay sleep!! Oh how I love thee!

I've also been dealing with my Neurologist's office. The office staff sucks lately. Since December, I've been trying to get my MRI approved to the place I've been going for the last SEVEN years and they had me going somewhere else. It's finally fixed (knock on wood) and I have an appointment with them on the 15th of May, after my MRI at the correct place. I still haven't gotten that wisdom tooth pulled. Yep. I move a little bit faster than these two:
but only a little.

Good night dear readers. Now that I have the internet again, my blogging should be back to normal. Have a wonderful week!!!