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Monday, June 18, 2012

Not Much Ever Happens In My Boring Life...

Or does it....?

Haha. I guess it's actually extremely boring to the average Joe, but to me, it seems like I'm Sisyphus; forever pushing that damn rock up a hill only to have it roll back down.


So, I turned 33. Or, as I like to say, 29 for the fourth time. Yay!! Go me! I had an awesome party with one of my nearest and dearest friends, Steph. My fellow Gemini who had the grace to be born two days before me. Thanks for always being older my friend! It was awesome and chill. Down in Newport Beach and some of my favorite friends who I haven't seen in a long time were able to make it out. I did have to leave after we headed to the first bar, but that's the life with MS. The party started at 3:00, I can't last until the bars close like some of my friends. But that's okay. One Corona was okay for me.

Unfortunately, I did get a cold. Damn you, California June gloom! I kid. We have amazing weather and I know it! But it can go from warm to chilly pretty quickly at the beach and that tends to give me a cold.

Then I got a sclera hemorrhage. It was not pretty. Thankfully, it didn't hurt. It just scared the bejesus out of me. When you wake up and wash your face in the morning and it looks like you broke your eye:

scary, huh? It's freaking terrifying to wake up to. But, it's just like a bruise and heals on its own. It's almost completely gone. I just feel like I already have enough problems. Don't bleed, eye!!!

My Sid is all better. Still up and down the stairs like a pro. I took in my cousin's cats because she had to move and couldn't take them with her. It's been a little scary for my baby cat, Nibbler, because of that, but otherwise things are cool. Here's two things that I like:
I'll keep trying... 

But usually, I wake up and feel like this:

and why should I get out of them? Maybe it was a bad batch of Rebif. Maybe it's depression over getting older. Maybe it's because I'm a Gemini and I swing between two personalities all the time anyways. I'm fine. My blog is where I bitch. When we get sick, it seem like we have to be the strong ones for those around us. And only others who are sick can listen to us bitch and fully understand.

Until next time, dear readers, carpe the hell out this diem. ;-)


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    1. Hope you get better.

      You have a cute smile :-)

      I sometimes have a bad reaction to betaferon. When I goto bed after the injection I get bad shakes and am very cold.
      When I wake in the morning it feels like my hands are on fire.

      I am so over MS :-(

      Brett Simpson (on google+)

  2. Ali~
    Happy Birthday to you. My twin sons turned 26 today 6/21. I am so over MS:-( also.