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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My New Hair, Latest Neurology Appointment and My Dream Valentine

So, it is that time of the year again. As I write this, it is the 7th of February, so Valentine's Day is in exactly one week. It has got to be my least favorite holiday of them all. If you're in a relationship- you have a ton of pressure about what you're supposed to do for that day. Going out to dinner is a nightmare. A million others are doing the same thing. If you are single- Hallmark and all the other companies make you feel like a total loser. Well not this year Hallmark! I reject your idea of a commercialized lovey-dovey holiday! I bought myself some chocolate and some tulips (my favorite flower) and I sent cards to those in my life that I love. I have no problem with love. I LOVE, love. How could you not? But it comes in many shapes and sizes. I send my 89 year Nana a Valentine because she rocks and she loves me more than anyone in the world. Except my dog. No offense to friends and loved ones, I know you all love me, but you get the point. So, Sid, the amazing dog, will be my Valentine and I will eat chocolate that I bought myself. And do whatever the hell I want that day. :)

I'm feeling pretty rocking and damn good about myself since my amazing cousin did my hair. I went back to brunette (the color I was born with) and am rocking some awesome bangs.
Yep, I'm feeling a lot better. What a difference a haircut can make. Plus that stupid cold seems to have finally run it's course (knock on wood). Look out boys (okay, men, boys just sounds better) Allison is single and ready to mingle. God, I'm a dork. I need to find a hot dorky man. He must exist, right? Right?!? I also wouldn't complain if he looked something like.....
The ever so scrumptious Michael Fassbender. Or as TMZ called him, Michael Fenderbender. Yep, he could cause a lot of those when people are looking at him. I had my Neurology appointment today and on the way home I stopped at Barnes & Nobles and spent my Christmas gift card on the Interview magazine with him on the cover. Well spent, I must say. I also got a book. I'm also intellectual, not only obsessed with MF's beauty. ;-)

The Neurology appointment went well. I have to go in for my MRI soon. No big deal. I just fear going in for them because I feel really good at the moment. I don't want to see any new lesions and get bummed out by it. So, I'll keep thinking positive thoughts and keep in mind that if there are any new lesions, they must be in a part of my brain that I don't use. Although I like to think I use a lot of it and that's why I got the damn MS in the first place. Cause my brain's so big it was pushing up against the skull. Just a theory, Let me have it.

Till next time readers, stay strong, and may you find love wherever you look for it. And if you don't find it- make your own.

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