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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I think I Might Be a Zombie

For me, my brain feels like it's at its peak performance at about 6 to 9 p.m. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is not set up to run that way. I really kinda hate it. I wish I was a morning person, I really, really do. But I never get going until at least noon and then I feel like the best of the day has passed me by. Before noon, I just feel like a zombie. I always have errands, Dr. appointments, just day-to-day things to do that must be done- during daylight hours. So it sucks. Why is it that as I'm chilling at home at 7 p.m., I feel like I could take on the world? Is it the MS? Is it because I know I can't actually go out and do stuff at that hour? Like a reverse psychology thing? And then of course, there's the annoying fact that after spending all day trying to wake up, by the time it's 8 p.m. and I do feel like I'm FULLY here; I take forever to fall asleep.

I'm looking into ways to overcome this. I'm trying to get up and get moving in the morning, rather than staying in bed, watching Good Day L.A. and getting nothing accomplished except probably killing off brain cells that I cannot afford to lose. I know this also sounds like I'm complaining and I really don't want to do that either. I want this blog to be a happy place. Happy thoughts. Puppies and kitties(cute!). Chocolate(yummy!) Michael Fassbender(cute AND yummy!!). Not blogs about things that will bum people out. I just have these thoughts that run through my head at night(when my brain runs the best) and I need somewhere to voice them. Vent them. Same difference.

I might be the only person out there that functions the best during prime-time hours. Who knows, maybe that's just how I would be, MS or not. There's also the possibility that I feel the best at that time because I'm the most relaxed then? For instance, tonight, that's when Modern Family is on and I'm laughing and not worried about getting anything done? It's a working theory. I know I'm definitely not the best person at handling any kind of stress.

It's also not as if I cannot function during the day. I can and do. It's just that where I feel like I'm functioning at 75% at 1 p.m., it feels like I'm at a full 100% at 8 p.m. I'll try to keep track of what is causing this, if I can figure it out, and if I can do anything to make it better and then let you know.

I have been doing better about blogging. I've just been telling myself to write, even if it's supremely boring. It's also helped me get out and actually do things! Even stay in and work out, just to do something. It's a great motivator, having a blog. I still have a bit of that flu, so I'm still taking it pretty easy. The flu has nothing to do with my fatigue during the day either. Well, I'm sure it doesn't help, but the fatigue has always been there. Hopefully, just as trying to blog more often has been successful, trying to be more energetic during the day will take hold too.

I have a busy rest of the week. Taking someone else to the Dr. and then I get to go have my hair done. I'm super excited for that. So, until I blog again, I leave you with Michael Fassbender and puppy photos. You're welcome.


  1. na not a zombie, vampire maybe lol

  2. Nice! Our poor brains are being attacked like vampires and I stumble around like a zombie. We can all star in monster movies! :)

    1. Im Signing up for walking dead right now!! lmao