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Friday, February 17, 2012

Finding My Balance Again

First things first- yes, I have annoyingly changed the name of my blog. AGAIN! I'm a Gemini and obviously very indecisive. I pretty much changed it back to what it was originally, but with the addition of my name so it starts with an "A". The "A" also stands for "AWESOME"!!!  And, I admit, this keeps it apart from all the other blogs about Multiple Sclerosis that start with an "M". Tune in next week folks to see what else I change my mind about. Will it be the name of my blog (probably not since I just did that), will I become a  blonde (I kinda doubt it, but never say never), or will I just change the color of my toenail polish (if you're the betting kind- I'd choose that one).
I also joined Google +. What does that mean? As soon as I figure out what on Earth I'm doing on there and how to use it- I'll let you know.

Now onto the blog.
Apologies about the rant on my last post. I just really need to find a new apartment. It's frustrating when you want to get so many things accomplished and you can't- because you have inconsiderate neighbors who interrupt your sleep constantly.
I want to wake up early and work out so I can get my triglycerides down, as well as improve my general health. But I need more rest.
I really want to go back to work part time and feel like a contributing member of society. But I can't even begin to focus on that right now while I'm stressing. And get I need to get more rest.
I want to be just a generally more active person. I know I'll never be a gung-ho go-getter who can do a million things in a day like some amazing people I know. I envy them and their vivacity, get-up-and-go, motivation, and plain old energy. Yeah, I used a Thesaurus. Shush, I'm tired. I ran out of synonyms. I just want 1/4 of the energy that a normal person has; and I would have, if it wasn't for those meddling kids. Oh wait... that's Scooby-Doo. I mean those noisy upstairs neighbors.

Sorry, went off on a tangent. Now where was my poor scattered brain again? Oh yes. I was able to work out this morning. Did a little yoga. Kinda tipped over while doing a twist in a warrior pose. Kinda scared my poor dog. It was actually really funny. I laughed out loud. At MYSELF! Now how many people can say that about their day-to-day-lives? I was never in any danger, I can assure you... I almost always tip over while doing yoga. Especially when doing twists. That, I definitely blame on the MS. I used to be a Varsity Song-Leader in High School. I have dancing skills dammit. I used to have balance skills. Well, better balance skills than I have now. Here's what the crescent half moon pose should IDEALLY look like:
Here's the link to an article on how to do the pose, by Sara Ivanhoe, my favorite yoga instructor. 
Try it, if you are able, just for kicks! Let me know how you do!! Be very careful though... and maybe move any nearby coffee tables. By the way, Sara Ivanhoe's following me on Twitter. Eeek!! I'm so stoked!! I feel so popular!!

Doing my yoga today and getting back on a schedule was a good thing for me. I feel better, like I can do things again. I have to remind myself that no matter what stresses arise in my life- nothing is more important than my health. If you have your health- you have everything. So daily yoga, watch out. I will be knocking crap off of my coffee table and scaring poor Sid much more frequently. And I'll feel much better for it. Namaste.

Quick Update: My Google + name is Ali Bab. if you have problems finding me, please send me a message. I'm new to it too. But I believe you can find me by that... I hope. I'm also on Pinterest now, but I'm on there by my full name, so you have to message me for that and then I can give you the link. Happy Saturday!!

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