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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MS Symptoms or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

I was so fatigued over the past weekend. Was I getting sick? It felt like I was fighting off an end of summer cold. Hot days, A/C in buildings, and cooler nights; they tend to give me a cold. Or is the usual, crappy feeling that everyone with MS knows and fights on a daily basis? Or is it six of one, half a dozen of the other? I have included a link on MS and fatigue help, but I haven't found the magic cure yet. I was on Amantadine. It helped, but I am apparently allergic to it. My legs looked like you could see every vein. Very scary. Not to mention, not very aesthetically pleasing. I know it's vain, but it was also the fact that people with MS tend to run hotter; and not being able to wear shorts last summer sucked a lot. Now I am on Nuvigil. It's not covered by my insurance though. It's only about $350 a month. Yeah, don't I wish! Add to that- I've been suffering from lips that are cracking in the corners for about the past two months. I was doing some research online and saw that it could be a side effect of the Nuvigil. That sucks, because that stuff is like adding a double shot to your mocha Frappuccino! I like it, it works for me (other than the possibility it’s causing the cracked lips). So, next week, I will see my Neurologist and after that, my PCP, to find out what I can do. I do my best to keep up with my exercise, especially yoga since I feel like it centers me. God knows, people with MS need balance. I take a B12 vitamin in addition to my Women's One-a-Day. But I would love opinions on how others keep their energy up. I've read Montel Williams' books and he has a diet plan that seems great (shakes and stuff), but it doesn't seem extremely affordable or easy. I did read on about.com that someone recommended taking a 10 to 15 minute nap as needed throughout the day. I know that does help me. For someone who suffers such extreme insomnia at night, I have no problem dropping off for a 15 minute nap at any time during the day. And strangely enough, I do feel re-charged for a few hours. Now, how do I convince the rest of the world that that is acceptable behavior?

I also had a couple of days where I woke up with what I call the "MS twitch". It's waking up and doing that sleep jerk thing, like you do when you're nodding off, but a little bit more. It happens to me a lot in the mornings, usually when I am really tired. Sometimes it's accompanied by, not quite blurry vision, but it's almost like I can see an outline of my iris when I look at the wall or the floor. These symptoms are not too worrying to me. I have been feeling so much better than I was. The "twitch" and the fatigue are so much better than the double vision and the vertigo back when I was diagnosed. I know when I see my Neuro next week, he'll probably want me to schedule an MRI, but that's something I'm due for anyway.

I'm just very curious if anyone has found any natural cures for fatigue. Does anyone keep a diary of their symptoms? (I'm really bad, I don't track mine.) Are you on medication for fatigue, and if so, has it helped you? I was researching Provigil and Ampyra and I'll have to find out if they're covered by my insurance.

I was going to blog about dating the other day (or the lack of it in my life), but I was so tired I just watched movies all day. So, coming soon will be a blog about how to date with MS. How do you explain your cracked lips and the bruises from your shots, among other things? Where do you meet people nowadays? Other than online, that is? Hell, how to date in your 30's when you're a couch potato who has been told by WAY too many friends that she is "just like Liz Lemon". Nerds. Next time folks, I will tackle the issue of love: where it's hiding and how to find it. Until then, as always, take care and watch where you're walking. :)
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