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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Thought It Was Supposed To Be Fall Already?

But I guess Southern California did not get that particular memo.
I had to wake up at 7:30(A.M.!) to start my laundry since the laundry room gets so hot (no air, super small window) and apparently... we broke the seasons. It's going to be 97* here today. Ewww. Global warming? The whole Mayan calendar end-of the-world thing? Too many Kardashians? Is the Earth shifting? Very, very strange days indeed.
So, anyways, in an attempt to get my cleaning days from Thursday to Tuesday (school, Dr's appt's and other things are making Tuesdays seem the better choice), I am cleaning today. Doing laundry at the moment. Well, blogging while I wait for clothes to dry...
Remember when you were a kid and you watched "The Jetsons" cartoon on TV? Why, in this golden age of technology, has no one invented a real Rosie the Robot? Not the Roomba thing. A real robot that will clean the damn toilet! That would make my life SOO much easier! Especially on hot days like today, when it is supposed to reach 97* in Orange County! We have iPads, the Internet on our phones and can do all these amazing technological things, but... no cleaning robot maid? What the what!?! Just imagine the possibilities...
I feel gypped. I don't even care about the flying cars. Could you imagine the 405 if people flew? Scary. :/ Sorry, I meant scarier.
I'll be turning on the air soon, only to turn it off later because it will be cold (chilly) here tonight. I'll get a sore throat. Just blogging/venting until that pesky laundry is dry and then I get to it.
No Rosie.. Life sucks.. I wish it was fall already. Memo to self: Must cryogenically freeze self and wake up when there is a cure for MS and cleaning robots.
Ok, done venting.

I also want to give a shout out to another blog. One of my favorite bloggers has discovered a new therapy for Multiple Sclerosis. It's called K.A.T. therapy. The link is below. I think it's going to help a lot of people, so please check it out. It's also plain hilarious, so MS or not, give a look anyways. It'll make your day! I'm enlisting my cat Nibbler ASAP to start my treatment.


Happy Wednesday. Here's hoping Fall figures out where California is soon!

Also as a late add-on, I've subscribed to this newsletter about MS from about.com and I'm really enjoying it. No awesome cats, but some helpful stuff. Here's that link:


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  1. A pet called Nibbler....is your real name leela?!?! lol