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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do It Today... You Know You Don't Want To Do It Tomorrow!

Here's a picture of the love of my life... Sid Vicious!! I took him to the groomer's today and he smells so nice and clean and looks so handsome! He comes out strutting, like, "Yeah, I know I look good." I think it's the pretty bow they put on him. I haven't told him it's girlie. I think the colors are masculine. ;-)

I also did my laundry this a.m. I was trying to get as much cleaning done as possible while he was at the groomer's, but couldn't do any major stuff (mopping,  vacuuming, cleaning the toilet or shower, anything that would make me sweaty... ewww) until I picked him up. I didn't want to be all gross and smelly. Judging by half the people that were out and doing their own errands, I shouldn't have worried. Was that too evil? Oh well. If I can tell you need a shower, and I was able to get myself looking at least presentable this morning, why can't other people? At least brush your hair.

I did debate just not cleaning at all once I got home with my puppy love. I was tired, I had my puppy home and clean and happy. Plus, I saw I had a new magazine in the mail. But, I persevered. I think only because I knew I DO NOT want to wake up early tomorrow to do it. I know I'll be glad I did tomorrow. That way I can wake up, do some yoga, and if I feel up to it, get my filthy dirty car washed. But only if I feel like it.

Oh, and good news about the final! My awesome teacher gave us a review with pretty much all the answers. The final accounts for 5% of our grade, so even if I did fail it, I know I've passed the class! Go me!! Woot woot! Woot was actually added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Needless to say, I am disgusted with the Oxford English Dictionary. Meh, whatevs.

I did not pass my Computer Challenge test though. Which means I'll have to take that class next. I got a 76% and needed an 80%. Kinda bummed, I know the class is a beginner's class and will be super easy and just set me back on my timeline. But, life goes on.

Before I sign off, I want to hello to my new followers! Who could you possibly be? Thank you for signing up and following me. It means more to me than you can imagine. Love you all and thank you for your kind words of inspiration!!!

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