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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Love Lazy Sundays

I wake up, make some coffee, check my emails and things, and do my Sunday crossword puzzle from the L.A. Times. Okay, I don't actually complete all of it, but I ALMOST can!!

The weather here has been a drag. It's been cold at hot and in the high 80's during the day. Leading to me to feel like I'm fighting off a cold. I just my flu shot on Friday. I anyone gets one, make sure to do it in the hand you do not write with. It feel like you got socked in the arm for a couple of days after.

Yesterday was one of those rare days were I wanted to chill and I was actually able to. And time went so nice and slowly. Usually when you're having a nice day like that, the time just speeds by.

I've been adjusting to a new schedule, so my posts have been less frequent. It'll be back to normal soon. Until then, take care and I hope you are enjoying this lovely lazy Sunday too!


  1. wish you posted this earlier....before my flu jab lol

  2. Sorry! I got sick from it too! First time in years! Hope it wasn't too bad, it usually only hurts for a day or two after.