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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some days, I hate Facebook...

And no, it's not the new layout. It's the fact that every time I log on, I have a couple of friends who apparently have AMAZING husbands who do WONDERFUL things for them like buy them flowers because it's a cloudy Tuesday or make them dinner because they (the girls) have had a rough day. I know, in my heart of hearts, I should be very happy for these old friends, right? But when they post every other day about how WONDERFUL their husbands are, how BLESSED their marriage is, I can't help but wonder: "Are you full of shit?". Do you realize that you're bragging? I'm not talking about the girls that post every once in awhile. I'm speaking about a few who do this every other day. Are their husbands really THAT AMAZING?!?!? I can't help but feel that the rest of the time their husbands are pretty crummy or boring and they have to post these things to make up for it. Or why don't they post the AMAZING things that they themselves have done? They are my friends for a reason! They have more interesting lives than what their hubbies have done for them lately, right?

I guess I'm just in a crappy mood and I'd rather experience that evil schadenfreude feeling at times like this. Maybe it's just a day where I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I better get back in and get back out on the other side.

On another note, I'm back in school. I did not get my Terminology class even though I was up early and then up late to petition it. I am taking computers. If my posts are less frequent, that's why. I've been fairly fatigued. Happy Hump Day. I hope you are feeling less evil than I am today. ; )

Just as a late P.S. to this... this is NOT directed to any of my followers! I am speaking about a few particular people (whom I do actually love! Did I use "whom" correctly?) that I have not told about this blog so please friends DO NOT think, "Hmm, is she referring to me?". I'm not. :)

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