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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Something Today.. Isn't It?

Oh yeah, Happy World MS Day to you. If you can be happy about that.. meh..

So, anyhoo, I approach the 5th anniversary of my 29th birthday.. I have to say, this year has been pretty damn amazing so far! I love my family and friends, I have the best dog ever, I'm taking on more responsibility at work, WITHOUT the stress, and everything just seems to finally be falling into place!

I had my neurologist appointment recently and everything is good there too (as always, knock on wood!). I'm good on my MRI for another year, so  I just need to get blood work done and I'll be all good!

I'm still tired ALL THE TIME! But I've come to just accept that as my natural state of being for now. I don't like it, but I accept it. Blergh...

On a happier note, I'm really looking forward to the summer! I wish I could handle the heat better... It can be a little hard to see all the "normal" people laying out by the pool on a nice sunny day when I'm stuck in the air conditioning. It can suck covering up Rebif bruises because warm weather calls for less clothing... But, I do love the great things that come with the summer! BBQ's, swimming, the sun staying up late and making me feel less tired. And the beach- even if I'm under an umbrella!

And then there's fireworks on the 4th! One of my friends has an in to the Happiest Place on Earth! Mickey Ears! Another one of my very favorite friends is getting married! Another one is expecting twins! TWINS!!! Holy crap!!! Busy, busy summer!

So, I know it's yet again been awhile since I've paid attention to my blog.. but that's actually a great thing! It just means that I've had so much to do out in the great, big bustling world! So, I'll try to write this summer, since I do love my faithful readers. And it's always so awesome to see people from so far away actually care enough to read my blog in this little sunny, chill corner of the world! But, if it's been awhile between posts, I'm laying by the pool, reading a good book. Probably getting a few new freckles!  So, as always, keep your head up. No tripping when it's sundress weather!

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